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High Pressure Cleaning and
De-Sludging of Plant Facility

A wide range of facility cleaning and maintenance are provided for the preventative maintenance at client’s facilities. For instance, regular cleaning and maintenance at the facilities can improve production efficiencies, meet required rules and regulations, and provide a safe and healthy working environment.


Ropetech personnel are certified and trained for NIOSH AESP (Authorized Entrance Standby Person), OGSP (Oil and Gas Safety Passport), NIOSH HPWJ (High pressure water jetting) and other related training with an experience to tackle even the challenging parts in the cleaning projects.

Supported by specialized equipment with proper training and techniques have provided our personnel the leading edge to manage tasks in hand. High pressure water equipment will be used in order to remove unwanted matter from the surface such as sludge, algae and sand oil for the cleaning purpose. Portable water is delivered from pump at a pressure exceeding 34 Mpa (5,000 psi) to execute the cleaning projects.


Ropetech has the capability to supply vacuum tankers with the capacity of 8,000 litres storage tank and suction capacity of 930 m3/hr mainly for desludging activities at locations such as oil traps, holding basins, drains, septic tanks and etc. Vacuum tankers are essential to plant operators in providing desludging and cleaning services throughout our clients' facilities. Ropetech's personnel are trained to fulfilled Health, Safety and Environment Requirements. Therefore, all safety related requirements are being complied with as soon as the vacuum tankers and its operators enter the plant.


Our services include:

  • Periodic cleaning and desludging services throughout oil and gas life plants.

  • Blast clean and remove sludge, sand soil, oil, grass, debris and other by using high pressure water jetting.

  • Desludging of septic tanks and other facilities including transportation and disposal of sewerage waste to the Approved Local Dumping Ground.

  • Providing schedule waste packaging.

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